Home Renovations

We help with home renovations for those looking to remodel their homes. If you are a homeowner looking for a full scale remodel, our team will work with you to provide a concept for your living room, kitchen remodel, or renovations for your bedroom and bathroom. We want to be there from the start i.e. from planning your room spaces, to ordering furniture, installing wallpaper, doing your window treatment etc.  

Home Renovations

Home Improvement

Improve your home with professional design service during construction, remodeling or renovation.

Kitchen Remodel

Remodel your whole kitchen area – from kitchen fixtures, to furniture and utensils.

Bathroom Renovations

Enhance the decor of your bathroom – tiles, wallpaper, fixtures and accessories

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About Bob

Robert Trembley is an interior designer who offers distinguished clients the highest level of design services. Through a cooperative relationship with clients, Bob has created many memorable spaces that have been featured in many design publications, including 201 Home, Estate and Executive Magazines.